Turbocharge Your Workflow with ToDo + VSCode by Fabio Spampinato

Turbocharge Your Workflow with ToDo + VSCode by Fabio Spampinato

Efficiency at Your Fingertips in Visual Studio Code

Why ToDo+?

Like countless developers, I found solace in managing my priorities through a straightforward text file. The simplicity of having a to-do file right in your workspace, ready to be opened and updated at any moment, is unmatched. It's a quick and efficient way to keep track of tasks while staying focused on the coding process.

However, when juggling multiple tasks in parallel, a basic to-do list might fall short. ToDo+ steps in to bridge that gap, enhancing the traditional to-do list with features that go beyond the ordinary.

Enter Fabio Spampinato's ToDo+ VSCode extension – a game-changer for developers seeking a balance between simplicity and advanced task management.


  ☐ Anything with a colon at the end of the line is a project
  ☐ Projects will show some statistics next to them @1h
    ✔ By default those statistics are the number of pending todos and the sum of their time estimates @30m
    ☐ You can nest projects inside each other and fold them

  You can write plain text notes/descriptions wherever you want
    ☐ Press Cmd/Ctrl+Enter to add a new todo
    ✔ Press Alt+D to mark a todo as done
    ✔ Press it again to undo the action
    ✘ Press Alt+C to mark a todo as cancelled
    ✘ Press it again to undo the action
    ☐ You can add tags using the @ symbol, like this @tag
    ☐ There are some special, customizable tags: @critical @high @low @today
    ✔ Completed todos can show a timestamp @done(17-11-03 10:42)
    ☐ Press Alt+S to mark a todo as started @started(17-11-03 10:42)
      ✔ Now it will show the elapsed time @started(17-11-03 10:42) @done(17-11-03 20:11) @lasted(9h29m)
    ☐ You can provide time estimates for your todos @1h30m
      ☐ We are even doing some natural language processing @est(1 day and 20 minutes)

  You can format text in a markdown-like fashion
    ☐ Use asterisks for *bold*
    ☐ Use underscores for _italic_
    ☐ Use tildes for ~strikethrough~
    ☐ Use backticks for `code`

  ✔ You can archive finished todos here
  ✔ Congratulations, you are now a Todo+ master!

Feature Highlights

Here's a glimpse of what ToDo+ brings to the table:

  1. Portable:

    • Utilizes a plain text format, ensuring compatibility with any text editor.
  2. Custom Symbols:

    • Choose from a variety of symbols to represent tasks.

    • Symbols include boxes, done indicators, and cancellation markers.

      • Box Symbols: - ❍ ❑ ■ ⬜ □ ☐ ▪ ▫ – — ≡ → › [] [ ]

      • Done Symbols: ✔ ✓ ☑ + [x] [X] [+]

      • Cancelled Symbols: ✘ x X [-]

  3. Custom Colors:

    • Personalize your to-do list with customized colors for a visually appealing experience.
  4. Custom Special Tags:

    • Assign special tags to tasks for priorities, individuals, or any other categorization.

    • Tailor the color scheme for these special tags to suit your preferences.

  5. Archive Functionality: Move completed tasks to a designated "Archive" section effortlessly.

  6. Formatting Options: Apply formatting similar to Markdown, including bold, italic, strikethrough, and code.

  7. Timekeeping and Timer:

    • Track elapsed time for tasks.

    • Display a timer in the status bar for ongoing tasks.

  8. Time Estimates: Estimate the time needed for tasks using tags like @est(3 hours) or @2h30m.

  9. Statistics: Gain insights into your overall progress with file and project-level statistics.

  10. Embedded Todos: Identify //TODO or //FIXME comments in your code effortlessly.

  11. Activity Bar Views: Access your to-do file and embedded todos directly from a custom activity bar section.

Configure Your Workflow

Explore detailed configurations and unleash the full potential of ToDo+ at VSCode Marketplace.

In conclusion, ToDo+ by Fabio Spampinato transforms the way developers manage their tasks. It strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and advanced functionality, making it a must-have extension for anyone seeking to supercharge their productivity within the VSCode environment. Give it a try and experience a new level of efficiency in your coding journey!